The Nelson-Atkins Presents
A Frame of Mind

A Frame of Mind takes a hard look at race in America through the lens of one art museum.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art sits at a crossroads: in the middle of Kansas City, in the middle of the country, and in the middle of America’s shifting cultural landscape. We’re working through the slow and sometimes messy change of a big museum asking what it can be and whose stories it tells. Along the way, host Glenn North meets brilliant Black and Native artists and thinkers in Kansas City who help us see through their eyes.

Episode Four


A Frame of Mind is the podcast of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. This series was produced and co-written by Glenn North and Christine Murray, with support from Duaa Mohamed. Editing and sound design by Brandi Howell. Interview recording by Tim Harte. Studio engineering by Simpson Sound Lab. Fact checking by Kate Carpenter. Theme music by The Black Creatures. Additional music by Eclipse. Cover art by Two Tone Press.

Guests include De Barker, Wanda Battle, Alvin Brooks, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II, Mona Cliff, Lucky Garcia, Justin Ikerionwu, Alex Kimball Williams, Muenfua Lewis, Kreshaun McKinney, Chiluba Musonda, Makeda Peterson, Sonié Ruffin, Erik Stafford, Alex Ponca Stock, Rodney Thompson, Vi Tran, Angel Tucker, and Jake Wagner, with Linda Battle, Tara Laver, Rachel Nicholson, and Julián Zugazagoitia.

Special thanks to advisory group members Jimmy Beason II, José Faus, Allan Gray, Ron Jones, and Nia Richardson.

Produced in partnership with Jocelyn Edens and Kim Masteller, with production support from Anne Manning, Rachel Nicholson, Brent Bellew and the Nelson-Atkins Teen Council.

​​This podcast is produced with generous support from Bank of America, N.A., Trustee of the John W. and Effie E. Speas Memorial Trust.

A note on the theme music from The Black Creatures: It begins with slow vocals at a strict and even rhythm. They’re tradition, not rocking the boat. Then a jazz groove swings in, with piano and saxophone dancing over the top, sometimes with each other, sometimes doing their own thing. They’re in a dialogue, changing and growing with each other, while the vocals keep pushing and pulling forward. As for percussion: drums go boom.