Frequently Asked Questions

Hours and Tickets

When is the museum open?

The museum is now open!
The following are the hours for members and the general public.


10am – 5pm

Tues, Wed



10am – 5pm


10am – 9pm

Sat, Sun

10am – 5pm

Why are tickets required?

Because physical distancing is important in fighting the spread of COVID-19, the number of guests in the museum and galleries is limited. Admission is still free, but timed tickets will help control capacity numbers. Guests are encouraged to reserve tickets online for groups no larger than 10. Choose a day and time, then order tickets online or by phone, 816.751.1278. Tickets also will be available at the Info Desk in Bloch Lobby, although the museum cannot guarantee that all times will be available when reserving onsite.

Arrive at the designated time and present tickets at the scanning kiosk, near the Info Desk in Bloch Lobby. There may be a short wait when entering some galleries because of capacity limits.


Will my membership be extended because of the closure?

Memberships at all levels will be extended three months, beginning when the museum reopens. For questions about your membership, contact

Contactless Entry to the Museum Garage

Members receive free parking in the museum garage during regular hours, as long as parking is available. You now can use your member card to scan in and out of the museum garage — no validation needed! If you have misplaced your member card, contact the membership team, visit the new Member Desk in Bloch lobby during your visit, or log in to access your digital member card at

Safety Guidelines

Do I need to wear a mask inside the museum?

Yes. Effective July 29, for your safety and the safety of others, masks or face coverings are required in all indoor spaces.

Will the museum provide masks?

Disposable masks will be available for a $2 donation at the Information Desk.

Will someone take my temperature when I enter the museum?

No, the Nelson-Atkins will not take guest temperatures. However, please monitor your health before coming to the museum. Stay home if you are sick, have symptoms of COVID-19, or have been around someone in the past 14 days who has COVID-19. Stay home if you have a fever over 100.4, fatigue, scratchy throat, cough, or other cold and flu symptoms. We look forward to seeing you when you are well.

Personal risk & responsibility

The Nelson-Atkins is working hard to make your visit as safe as possible. However, any public destination carries an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19, and we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit. The museum shall be held harmless from the any liability regarding your personal visit.

Will visitors be required to maintain physical distance?

Yes, we ask that guests practice physical distancing throughout their visits by leaving at least 6 feet of space between all other guests, staff, and volunteers. Directional signage has been placed throughout the museum to help guide your visit. Look for icons and arrows on the floors and wait in line at designated spots.

What safety measures will be in place?

We are taking extra care in these ways:

Employees and volunteers monitor their temperature before the start of each shift; those with higher-than-normal temperatures or any symptoms of COVID-19 are required to stay home.

Surfaces are cleaned and sanitized frequently, with extra attention to high-touch areas such as railings and elevator buttons.

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the museum.

All employees, volunteers, and guests are required to wear masks inside the museum.

Water fountains are closed.

Will the museum provide hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer stations can be found throughout the museum. Please avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Do I need to wear a mask in the Sculpture Park?


Entrances/Guest Services

Which entrances to the museum will be open?

Four entrances will be open into the Bloch Building: the doors on the top level of the parking garage, the doors on the bottom level of the parking garage, the door that leads into Thou Mayest coffee shop on the north side of the Bloch Building, and the doors that lead into the south side of Bloch Lobby, close to the Info Desk. The entrances from the garage and into Thou Mayest are all accessible.

Which restroom should I use?

To ensure physical distancing, some restrooms may be closed or have reduced occupancy to allow only one family group or guest at a time. Please wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. If you have concerns about the cleanliness of the restrooms or other areas, please notify a staff member immediately.

Will coat check be available?

Yes, the museum’s Coat Check will be open. Guests can check out wheelchairs, scooters, and strollers. Camp stools also may be checked out; they are no longer hanging in galleries. The following items are not permitted in the museum: all parcels, backpacks, portfolios and bags larger than a standard backpack, umbrellas, and outside food or drink. Exceptions may be made for bags containing essential medical equipment or for use in nursing or childcare.

Will tours be available?

Tours led by docents are not available at this time, but the museum has a number of resources to guide you through the galleries. We recommend downloading the Smartify app from the App Store or Google Play, ahead of your visit. You can create a personalized tour, find audio stories, and watch American Sign Language videos about works of art in our collection. Printed Family Guides are available onsite: ask for them at the Info Desk.

What exhibitions are on display?

Find the full list of current exhibitions here.

Will Spencer Reference Library be open?

Yes. Because the library is located outside the ticketed area, guests do not need to secure a timed ticket in order to visit. Chairs will be removed from tables and computer stations, and the door will be open during open hours to help with air circulation.

Is the Educator Resource Center open?

Yes. Guests may visit the ERC as part of their museum visit, or they can make an appointment to visit only the center. Chairs will be removed from the reading area, and the door will be open to help with air circulation.

Dining, Shopping & Tivoli

Will Rozzelle Court Restaurant and Thou Mayest be open?

Yes! The following are the hours for members and the general public.

Thou Mayest

Thurs — Mon: 10am – 5pm
Tues, Wed: Closed

Rozzelle Court

Mon, Wed-Sun: 11am – 2pm

Coffee and Dessert
Mon, Wed-Sun: 2pm – 4pm

What safety requirements are in place at Rozzelle Court Restaurant?

Rozzelle Court Restaurant will transition from a cafeteria-style setting to a fast-casual restaurant. Guests will order from a menu board, receive a number, and servers will bring meals on trays. Tables will be at least 10 feet apart. Also, guests can order meals packaged to go,  make their way through the Nelson-Atkins Building  then exit through the Bloch Building and enjoy lunches and snacks in the Sculpture Park.

Will the Museum Store be open?

Yes, the Museum Store will be open, with a capacity of 10 guests at any time. Tensa barriers and floor markings will help direct traffic. When the store is at capacity, a “one in, one out” policy will be enforced. Guests are asked to sanitize their hands at entry.

When will Tivoli at the Nelson-Atkins showings resume?

Soon, we hope! We are monitoring the first several weeks of our reopening to determine the best schedule and protocol for Tivoli showings. We will announce times on our website when available. In the meantime, you can find a collection of digital Tivoli offerings here. 

Covid-19 Operations Manual

Operations Manual

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is committed to being a trusted place to work, volunteer and visit. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to retool our everyday operations and activities to create a safer environment for everyone. Within this manual are operational policies and procedures that address a new way of operating.