Frequently Asked Questions

Hours and Tickets

When is the museum open?

The museum is now open!
The following are the hours for members and the general public.


10am – 5pm

Tues, Wed



10am – 5pm


10am – 9pm

Sat, Sun

10am – 5pm

Why are tickets required?

Admission is free, but timed tickets help the museum control capacity numbers. Choose a day and time, then order tickets online or by phone, 816.751.1278. Tickets also will be available at the Info Desk in Bloch Lobby.

Entrances/Guest Services

Which entrances to the museum will be open?

Four entrances will be open into the Bloch Building: the doors on the top level of the parking garage, the doors on the bottom level of the parking garage, the door that leads into Thou Mayest coffee shop on the north side of the Bloch Building, and the doors that lead into the south side of Bloch Lobby, close to the Info Desk. The entrances from the garage and into Thou Mayest are all accessible.

Will coat check be available?

Yes, the museum’s Coat Check will be open. Guests can check out wheelchairs and strollers. Camp stools are available and hanging in the galleries. The following items are not permitted in the museum: all parcels, backpacks, portfolios and bags larger than a standard backpack, umbrellas, and outside food or drink. Exceptions may be made for bags containing essential medical equipment or for use in nursing or childcare.

Are tours available?

Yes! Onsite docent-led and self-guided school tours are now available here. Check back soon for adult tours.

We recommend downloading the Smartify app from the App Store or Google Play, ahead of your visit. You can create a personalized tour, find audio stories, and watch American Sign Language videos about works of art in our collection. Printed Family Guides are available onsite: ask for them at the Info Desk.

What exhibitions are on display?

Find the full list of current exhibitions here.

Dining, Shopping & Tivoli

What safety requirements are in place at Rozzelle Court Restaurant?

Rozzelle Court Restaurant has transitioned from a cafeteria-style setting to a fast-casual restaurant. Guests will order from a menu board, receive a number, and servers will bring meals on trays. Also, guests can order carryout, make their way through the Nelson-Atkins Building, exit through the Bloch Building, and enjoy lunches and snacks in the Sculpture Park.