Opportunities & Resources

Our Values

The School and Educator Programs department facilitates learning experiences inspired by art objects. We work with students and educators to build a culture of curiosity through observations, critical thinking, empathy, creativity, and collaboration.

  • Collaboration. Co-creating programs with educators, students, and other community stakeholders.
  • Creativity. Igniting curiosity, wonder, and an appreciation of art.
  • Equity. Ensuring all learners and educators feel safe, heard, and valued at the museum.
  • Inclusion and Accessibility. Meeting all students where they are and removing barriers for engagement.
  • Empathy. Providing a space for students to discover and share multiple perspectives.

Our Approach

  • Engaging students of all ages in open-ended conversations and art-making activities that encourage creativity, promote visual literacy, and develop critical-thinking skills.
  • Using art to explore contemporary and historical social issues.
  • Responding to student interest and encouraging personal connections to create a more meaningful experience.
  • Employing a variety of teaching strategies including close looking and discussion, drawing and writing activities, and other hands-on approaches that engage different learning styles.
  • Supporting classroom learning by incorporating state and national learning standards in all our programming.

School Tours & Workshops

Browse a variety of programs for school-aged children including:

• Gallery tours and interactive experiences (Grades K-12)
• School art studio workshops (Grades Pre-K-12)
• Virtual tours and workshops for students & youth groups


Student & Youth Opportunities

The Nelson-Atkins Museum’s School and Educator Programs reach thousands of students each year across Missouri, Kansas and beyond. How can we support the learners in your life?


Educator Opportunities & Resources

Educator Opportunities
Discover professional development, student programs and teacher workshops to help introduce teachers and students to museum learning and resources.

Educator Resources
Explore tools to integrate visual arts into classrooms including materials to check out and documents to introduce museum learning and concepts.