Event Venues

Combine classic Beaux Arts style and modern sophistication

Atkins Auditorium A handsome setting for a meeting

Atkins Auditorium blends up-to-date audio/visual capabilities with a gracious setting. The coffered ceiling and highly polished wooden stage create a handsome setting for an annual shareholders meeting or a distinguished speaker. The acoustics are well-suited for film, voice and music.


Bloch Lobby One of Kansas City’s most dramatic locations

The lobby in the Bloch Building is a breathtaking space that evokes both grandeur and grace. With a view of the plaza and north façade of the Nelson-Atkins Building and ample room, this magnificent space is the perfect location for large gatherings.


Kirkwood Hall The ceremonial heart of the museum

Kirkwood Hall is a grand and beautiful space. Flanked by twelve massive columns of black and white marble, this vast room is approximately forty feet high. The limestone walls are adorned with original tapestries from the museum’s collection.


Lens 2 A room with a view

Named for the distinctive design of the Bloch Building, the Lens 2 event room is a great vantage point for spectacular views of the Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park. The translucent walls light up at night to give added ambiance to any event.


Rockhill Room The perfect space for meetings and luncheons

The Rockhill Room is enclosed on three sides by white walls, the fourth side is one of clear glass that affords a view of the Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park. The room has audio-visual capabilities, with an adjoining audio-visual booth.


Rozzelle Court One of the most popular venues in Kansas City

This interior courtyard is ninety feet square and surrounded by a two-story arcade. Rozzelle Court may be used for private evening functions, seating approximately 250.