The Starr Collection of Portrait Miniatures, 1500–1850 : The Collections of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Volume 4: The World of John Smart (English, 1741–1811)

Contributors:  By Aimee Marcereau DeGalan, with Blythe Sobol and Maggie Keenan

The Starr collection is unique for including a signed and dated miniature from each year of John Smart’s (1741–1811) career, and this fourth volume features those miniatures, as well as one by his son, John Smart Junior (1776–1809). Highlights include Portrait of a Man, Probably a Member of the Frankland Family, 1760, a drawing and portrait miniature of Alexander J. Dallas, Portrait of Mohammed Ali, Nawab of Arcot, 1788, Portrait of Mr. Holland, 1806, and Portrait of Mr. Blackburne, 1811. Accompanying this outstanding collection are essays about Smart’s tenure in metropolitan London, the Smart family military portraits, and his time in India. This volume also contains ground-breaking research and technical analysis on the unique phenomenon of pink hair in Smart’s miniatures (all essays to be published in early 2025). Also included are biographies for all artists in the Nelson-Atkins collection, as well as a comprehensive glossary of terms used throughout the four volumes .

The other four volumes are:

Volume 1: Foreword, Preface, Notes to the Reader, Continental, American, Eye miniatures, Decorative

Volume 2: British part 1: Tudor (1485–1603), Stuart (1603–1714), and Georgian (1714–1837; artists’ last names A-E)

Volume 3: British part 2: Georgian (1714–1837; artists’ last names F-Z)

Supplement: Starr Miniatures in Other Collections

For a full list of the contents of each volume, see the series contents page. The catalogue will be published every six months beginning in early 2024, with object entries, introductory essays, and biographies being added in their associated volume.