Art is Elementary – Tour A

This tour is perfect for teachers looking to introduce their students to the museum. Students will have an introduction to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art collection through participatory activities and inquiry-based conversations. Through the tour, students will forge personal connections with artwork by becoming comfortable in a museum environment and practicing art observation and discussion.

This tour is available in two iterations: Art is Elementary – Tour A and Art is Elementary – Tour B.

Art is Elementary – Tour A takes place in the Nelson-Atkins Building where students will experience European and Asian art.

Galleries visited:

  • Impressionism
  • 18th Century Italian
  • Chinese Furniture
  • Japanese Art

Appropriate for grades: 3rd–5th
Maximum number of students: 120, tour will be split into groups of 60 between Tour A and Tour B versions.
Duration: one hour and 15 minutes
Cost: Free

This tour can be conducted in ASL. For more information or to arrange an ASL tour, please contact