Tours & Workshops
Free Virtual Field Trips

We are pleased to support school educators and K-12 students with live, interactive online field trips for student learning. Facilitated by skilled museum educators and building on state and national learning standards, the Nelson-Atkins virtual field trips are developed to engage students with art and contemporary issues, improve visual literacy and observation skills, and contribute to current day learning, empathy, and critical thinking needs and skills. All tours include pre- and post-field trip activities to enrich and support remote and in-person classroom learning.

Virtual School Tours

We are offering three virtual, interactive tour experiences and resources for students to engage with art from the Nelson-Atkins collection. Each live, virtual tour is approximately 45-minutes and incorporates student choice and discussion around contemporary themes. Timeslots are limited, so register your class today!


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Virtual School Workshops

Live Virtual Workshops are an opportunity for students to engage with the Nelson-Atkins collection, discuss works of art, and create artwork of their own. The workshop discussion will scale to the students’ grade level, and the art-making process will adapt to the materials student have available. Timeslots are limited, so register your class today!

Virtual Workshops

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