Make a Lion Dance Puppet

Step 1

  • Print out our Lion Dance template or create your own!
    Download Lion Activity
  • Now, cut out all elements and prepare to decorate.

step 1 cut out your lion

Step 2

Samples of decorating ideas

  • Decorate! Try experimenting with crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, or collage!
  • Now create a paper chain with the decorated strips of paper. You can connect your chain with tape, glue or staples.

Step 3

  • Fold along the dotted lines on the legs and tail.
  • Tape or glue on the legs, tail, and head.

Paper chain

Step 4

completed lion dancer

  • Attach chopsticks, straws, or twigs to the paper chain to make your articulated Lion move.


It’s time to dance along with your Lunar New Year Lion while welcoming in the New Year.

Lion Dance Puppet