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Youth Class | Imagine It in Clay

Ages 7-9
Tuesday-Friday, June 18-21 AND June 25-28

Explore a variety of hand-building processes to create forms in clay and experiment with various surface treatments. Fantasy and make-believe will be the focus as students visit the galleries to see art that comes from the imagination, including the exhibition Saya Woolfalk: Expedition to the ChimaCloud. Learn about Surrealist artists such as Joseph Cornell, Max Ernst and Joan MirĂ³ who looked to dreams and the subconscious mind for inspiration. Step into an interesting world of the unreal and unexpected Please note: to allow for drying and firing of ceramic pieces, some student work will need to be picked-up after the class is over. Remaining ceramic pieces will be available for pick-up beginning July 27.

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
$200 per person