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Performance | Balinese Gamelan Music & Dance

Tickets required; FREE
Atkins Auditorium

Join us for a special performance of traditional and modern Balinese gamelan music and dance by Kansas City’s Gamelan Genta Kasturi ensemble and featuring guest Balinese artists Ketút Gedé Asnawa, Putu Oka Mardiani, Ni Made Nias Yunirika and Ni Nyoman Nias Yonitika.

The afternoon’s program will include: Beleganjur Mapeed – traditional processional of drums, cymbals and gongs; Sekar Taman Dance – a modern welcoming dance composed by Mr. Asnawa and choreographed by Putu Oka Mardiani; Sekar Gadung – an influential resetting of a traditional sacred gamelan selonding work into gamelan semar pegulingan style by Mr. Asnawa; Kebyar Ding – one of the first compositions from the early 20th Century to herald the new “Kebyar” style of gamelan that swept through Bali; Topeng Keras Dance – a classic Balinese solo character dance depicting an authoritarian and boisterous martial leader; Margapati Dance – a 20th Century masterpiece of Balinese music and dance the features a solo female dancer depicting a male lion character.

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Location: Atkins Auditorium