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Andy Goldsworthy: Walking Wall

Andy Goldsworthy: Walking Wall

Andy Goldsworthy Walking Wall

Andy Goldsworthy Walking Wall


Walking Wall is now “moving” across Rockhill Road and onto the campus of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Artist Andy Goldsworthy and his crew returned to Kansas City May 15 to build section two of the art installation, which now occupies the street. The road is closed from Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard to 45th Street through May 28th.

The professional traffic company Streetwise designed the detour route, and the city approved the road closure in December 2018.

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Visitors are encouraged to park in the museum parking lot off Oak Street, then view the project from inside the Bloch Building (Plaza-level window overlook), or walk on museum property to Rockhill Road.

Goldsworthy is an artist who collaborates with nature and time to create site-specific installations. He and his craftsmen are hand building a stone wall that will “walk” in five successive sections. The first section was built in March, and now the second section is underway. By November, the wall will be a permanent installation at the museum.

Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist who lives in Scotland, with projects around the world. Many of his projects have been transient or ephemeral in nature, although he captures the moment with photographs. Other projects are meant to be in place for many years, although Goldsworthy has a continual interest in changes to the works due to nature’s effects or the passing of time.

Andy Goldsworthy Walking Wall

Andy Goldsworthy Walking Wall

Goldsworthy’s artistic concept for the Nelson-Atkins project is expressed by a poem called Wall by the late Norman Nicholson, which reads, in part:

A wall walks slowly,
At each give of the ground,
Each creak of the rock’s ribs,
It puts its foot gingerly,
Arches its hog-holes,
Lets cobble and knee-joint
Settle and grip.
As the slipping fellside
Erodes and drifts,
The wall shifts with it,
Is always on the move.

They built a wall slowly,
A day a week;
Built it to stand.
But not stand still.
They built a wall to walk.

Andy Goldsworthy, Walking Wall, 2019, field stone, dimensions variable. Gift of the Hall Family Foundation in honor of Estelle and Morton Sosland, © 2019 Andy Goldsworthy.


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Location: Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park