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SOLD OUT: Friends of Art: French Paintings Catalogue


The live program will be recorded.
Members – contact a museum representative to request the link to the recording by emailing membership@nelson-atkins.org or calling 816.751.1278.

Following twelve years of extensive work, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art will debut its French Paintings Catalogue digitally in the coming months. Members are welcome to join in a virtual conversation with the museum experts who worked to create the digital catalogue.

Be among the first to hear from our European curatorial staff and conservation team as they share insights and unique stories about this impressive effort within the museum. The catalogue is composed of entries on 106 French paintings and pastels made between 1600 and 1945 in the Nelson-Atkins collection, and is considered the definitive scholarly resource for these works.

This lecture will be approximately 45 minutes via Zoom webinar. Attendees will be e-mailed a reminder the morning of February 10 with information on how to access the virtual lecture; the link to attend is also on your ticket.

Questions for the speakers can be sent in advance via email to membership@nelson-atkins.org.

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: Zoom