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Tivoli Films
Tivoli: Give me Liberty

Give me Liberty

111 minutes, 2019
In English and Russian with English Subtitles

Medical transport driver Vic is late, but it’s not his fault. Roads are closed for a protest, and no one else can shuttle his Russian grandfather and émigré friends to a funeral.

The new route uproots his scheduled clients, particularly Tracy (Lauren “Lolo” Spencer in a breakout performance), a vibrant young woman with ALS. As the day goes from hectic to off the rails, their collective ride becomes a hilarious, compassionate, and intersectional portrait of American dreams.

Manhola Dargis, from The New York Times, writes, “Completely delightfully unpredictable from scene to scene, Give me Liberty draws you in with its moving performances and blasts of broad comedy.”


11:15 AM - 1:00 PM
Also shows Nov 22, 24 & 27
$10 per person
$7 | Members