New Dimensions
For Educators

What is The New Dimensions Program?

New Dimensions is an innovative program that works with local middle and high schools to bring students to the museum. Museum educators teach participants to look at, describe and analyze works of art and the gallery spaces. Students practice critical thinking and problem solving skills within the museum setting and then generate creative responses using traditional and digital media, including iLife, iStopMotion, and Microsoft Office software on MacBook computers and iPads.

Working individually or in small groups, students create videos, animations, or other multimedia projects. The program not only helps to fill the gap in arts education in the schools but also imparts valuable skills to the participants.

For Community Organizations

Expand Experiences!
Are you a Youth Development Professional seeking positive experiences for teens? Through a New Dimensions digital media project, teens can expand their thinking, explore their abilities, and build 21st century skills. Contact us at to discuss customizing a New Dimensions course offering to align with your youth development goals.

How Much Does It Cost!
Participation is FREE, plus a $200 stipend for transportation.

Who Can Participate?
6th – 12th graders in public, and parochial schools or community groups can participate.
Classes are limited to 25 students.

New Dimensions Program Course Offerings:

Three different classes are available to choose from which focus on different aspects of art exploration and the museum:

Creative Exploration: This two-three session project-based learning experience challenges students to think creatively about art objects. Tasked with bringing a work of art to life students will work in small groups to create stop motion animations or a short film. Using iMovie, iStopmotion, Garageband, and other forms of digital media students will write a plot, execute a film, and learn the power of editing. Each student will walk away with a personalized DVD of their movie

Curator for a Day: This two-three session project-based learning experience challenges students to think critically about artworks in relation to a central theme. Tasked with organizing their own exhibition, student teams will explore the galleries to select artworks for their exhibition that best communicate their chosen theme. Using iMovie, each team will create a promotional video and design an event with the goal of connecting their target audience to their exhibition.

Museum Analytics: This one-session project-based learning experience challenges students to employ career-related skills and to think critically about the museum as a space and how visitors interact within it. Tasked with using visitor research methods to paint a picture of the Nelson-Atkins' spaces and audience, student teams will gather data in the galleries, and analyze that data to draw conclusions. Using Excel and PowerPoint, each team will present their findings and make recommendations to increase the functionality of gallery spaces and broaden the museum's audience.

New Dimensions is funded by a grant through Sprint and The Shumaker Family Foundation.

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