Ferment was constructed at Paine's studio in Treadwell, NY. Installation in the Kansas City Sculpture Park occurred over a two-week period in April, 2011.
The artist and his assistants welded the sculpture together on site, within a fenced area.
All Images by Don Ipock
Artist Roxy Paine's 56-foot stainless steel sculpture, Ferment, arrives at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in sections, tied to four flatbed trucks.

The first crane lifts the central trunk element from the flatbed and sets it gently on the Museum lawn.

The second crane lifts the trunk to the hilltop installation site.

Roxy Paine (right) discusses strategies for raising the trunk and setting it on its foundation.

Roxy Paine documents the installation process photographically. Model for Ferment (2010) is at left.

Paine's studio assistant Chris Guardiano grinds off a stainless steel strap attachment pipe.

The third crane hoists the trunk element directly above the foundation.

Paine (right) and studio assistant Ben Jones (left) guide the trunk element onto 16 post fittings that extend 20 feet into solid bedrock.

Roxy Paine attaches two branching components and prepares to weld them together.

Studio assistants Chris Guardiano and Charlie Orme attach a finely branching segment to an extending trunk limb.

Standing in two separate man lifts, Paine and his assistants put the finishing touches on the upper branches of Ferment.

Ferment silhouetted against a dramatic late-afternoon sky.

Roxy and Sophia Paine show Martin Friedman the finished sculpture.