Electromediascope Fall 2007: Allegories of the Real

September 14, 2007—September 28, 2007

Specific dates: Sept. 14, 21 and 28

Our everyday lives, whether grounded in nature or technology, are inscribed as cycles of life and death within the natural world. Our sense of personal identity, understanding of others and potential for development are based on our opportunities and life experiences as well as observations of many things including the world of animals and nature, other social communities, media culture and fantastic journeys into imagined realities.

Many of these aspects of reality simultaneously combine mythic drama with everyday life. The artists in Allegories of the Real explore ordinary and extreme cases of individual experiences in terms of madness, transgression and coping with loss. Through personal diaries, dark humor, irony and reflective monologues, these works affirm what it means to be human at the threshold of life, transformation and mortality.

Sept. 14: The series begins with Artcirq by Natar Ungalaaq and Guillaume Saladin, Mother on Trial: Gathering Voices in the Theater of Attraction by Kristine Diekman and The Present and True Story, two recent works by Robert Frank.

Sept. 21: Tonight features Elegy by Joe Gibbons and suicide by Shelly Silver.

Sept. 28: Enter the mysterious universe created by The Brothers Quay in The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes.

Image: Kristine Diekman, Mother on Trial: Gathering Voices in the Theatre of Attraction. Image still courtesy of the artist.
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