Electromediascope 2002

January 1, 2002—December 31, 2002

Electromediascope is a survey of contemporary international work in experimental film, video, new media and performance art.

Winter 2002

This program brought together works by more than two dozen artists to explore the current transition from cinema to new forms of media where viewers interact with artists and each other through dynamic computer-based artworks.

She Puppet, Peggy Ahwesh (American), 2001, 15 min.

Spring 2002
Conjurers in the Machine

The artists included in Conjurers in the Machine follow their own nonlinear pathways through the vast historical and contemporary labyrinths of cinema, media and culture. Their work reveals embedded realms of complex, fantastic and subjective experiences while exploring psychological dimensions of identity, personal fears and emotions.

Spectropia, Toni Dove (American), 1999–2002, interactive media performance, a work in progress

Fall 2002
Contemporary African Film & Video

Africa is a continent with a rich history of oral poetry, music, epic narrative and sculptural forms. Contemporary African artists are working with time-based media to address the dynamic flow and chaotic aspects of everyday lived experience through a rethinking of event, ritual and storytelling.

The works presented convey a dynamic tension between experimental and traditional art forms. Artists contributing to Contemporary African Film & Video Contemporary were John Akomfrah, Laurence Attali, Goddy Leye, Djibril Diop Mambety, , Aboubakar Sidiki Sanogo, Jean Marie Teno and Francois Woukouache.
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