The Clare Twomey Forever cup, a commerce to the Burnap collection deeded to The Nelson 70 years ago, has gravitas. This is one of 1,345 reproduces to honor the care and conservation of a great collection. In 1990 I was a volunteer in the art conservation department at the Nelson-Atkins. On Tuesday mornings I would manually read the humidity levels in several galleries and record and calibrate. These mornings were meaningful to me. The museum is like a space walk and each gallery like a universe to discover. The artworks are years and cultures apart and we are so lucky to time travel any day The Nelson is open. This forever cup is like a porthole to me. I remember joyful personal discoveries in art when I look at it. Thank you for trusting me and 1,344 others to remember the importance of art care and conservation.

Courtesy of Alyce Dyer Hall

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