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Edward Steichen—In High Fashion: The Condé Nast Years 1923-1937

Are you the cat's meow or a wet blanket?
Take the Guess Who’s In High Fashion quiz and find out today!

1. He learned to dance at age seven, performing with his sister. Later, he became famous for his Hollywood tap-dancing sequences.
A: Fred Astaire (1899–1987)
B: William Yeats (1865–1939)
C: King Vidor (1894–1982)

2. This performer was one of the most creative figures of the silent picture era. Within a few years of his debut in 1914, he became the highest paid director and the most popular comedian in the world.
A: Werner Janssen (1889-1990)
B: Al Jolson (1886-1950)
C: Charlie Chaplin (1889–1977)

3. This American actor began his career in 1925 by playing cowboys. One of Hollywood’s best-known leading men, his career spanned forty years and included more than one hundred films.
A: William Haines (1900-1973)
B: Gary Cooper (1901-1961)
C: Douglas Fairbanks (1909-2000)

4. This American actress, who lived in Kansas City during her teenage years, became an icon of American film, and was married to Douglas Fairbanks from 1929 to 1933. Her influential forty-year career spanned the silent movie era to the 1960s.
A: Greta Garbo (1905-1990)
B: Lynn Fontanne (1887-1983)
C: Joan Crawford (1904-1977)

5. This American actress originally from Germany was known for her combination of elegance, sensuality and glamour. (Her signature style made wearing slacks fashionably acceptable for women.) During World War II, she launched herself on a singing career.
A: Lillian Gish (1893-1993)
B: Marlene Deitrich (1901-1992)
C: Adele Astaire (1896-1981)

6. In 1928 she became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, repeating the feat—this time solo—in 1932. She was at the height of her fame when she vanished at sea while attempting to fly around the world from east to west.
A: Amelia Earhart (1897-1937)
B: Elisabeth Bergner (1897-1986)
C: Lenore Hughes (1899-unknown)

7. This American actress was originally from Sweden. Thanks to her beauty and the legend she wove around herself, she is considered one of the greatest film stars of all time, despite the fact that she retired from film at age 36.
A: Lili Damita (1904-1994)
B: Jetta Goudal (1891-1985)
C: Greta Garbo (1905-1990)

8. This American dancer and choreographer became a professional dancer in 1916 and began teaching dance in 1925, later opening her own school. During her long career, she choreographed 181 ballets in a style that revolutionized twentieth-century dance by using expressive, emotional body language to engage serious social and human issues of the time.
A: Martha Graham (1894-1991)
B: Ina Claire (1883-1985)
C: Clara Bow (1905-1965)

9. This American actress and Hollywood icon began her legendary career in the movies in 1932, when she starred with John Barrymore. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress four times, a record unsurpassed to this day.
A: Joan Bennett (1910-1990)
B: Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003)
C: Annabella (1910-1996)

10. This American photographer began her career by modeling for Vogue. After moving to Paris in 1929, she worked with Surrealist artist Man Ray as assistant and muse. In 1944 she worked as a war reporter for the U.S. Army.
A: Lee Miller (1907-1977)
B: Bessie Love (1898-1986)
C: Lois Moran (1909-1990)

11. One of the greatest and most glamorous stars of the silent era, this American actress struggled with the transition to talkies. She made her famous close up in the 1950 film noir Sunset Boulevard.
A: Pola Negri (1894-1987)
B: Gloria Swanson (1899-1983)
C: June Walker (1900-1966)

12. This American composer worked mostly with his brother. Many of their later songs were for the movies, many of which starred Fred Astaire. He died of a massive brain hemorrhage at the age of 39.
A: Noel Coward (1899-1973)
B: Scott Joplin (1868-1917)
C: George Gershwin (1898-1937)

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